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Nike is probably the strongest contender when it comes to reselling sneakers. Famous Lines such as the Air Jordan 1 and Dunk Lows are the reason Nike have propelled well above their competitors in sales and why collectors are standing in line for days to secure their own grails.


Adidas comes in hot as a Nike compeitor releasing some of the most popular sneakers of all time with the Yeezy 350 Silhouette. Since 2015 we have seen Yeezy lines fly off the shelves and attract consumers of all kinds.


An Icon in the streetwear industry, Supreme stands at the top of the game. Releasing products only on Thursdays at 11am, you can likely find that the entire release will be out of stock by 11:01. With insane hype comes insane resell prices, you can find some of their original box logo hoodies travelling into the thousands for a single unit.

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