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Ungating on Amazon: How To Ungate Products?

Selling products on Amazon can be a lucrative business opportunity for entrepreneurs, but it can also be a complex process with various challenges, including ungating products. When a product is gated, it means that only authorized sellers are permitted to sell it on Amazon.
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For new sellers, getting ungated can be a daunting task. They must prove to Amazon that the products they plan to sell are legitimate and have been obtained from a reliable source. This is usually achieved by providing a VAT invoice that confirms the authenticity and provenance of the products.

Ungating a product on Amazon can take time and effort, but it is a necessary step for new sellers who want to expand their product offerings and increase their sales potential. Once a product is successfully ungated, the seller will be able to list it for sale on Amazon. It’s worth noting that ungating is not a one-time process for all products. Instead, it needs to be done on a per-brand/category basis; for example, ungating the brand Lego will not mean you are then ungated and eligible to sell Nivea.

However, if a seller successfully ungates a product category, they will not need to go through the same process again within that category unless a specific brand is gated. This means that once a seller is ungated in a category, they will be able to sell products within that category without any further gating issues, provided they meet the other requirements for selling on Amazon. In the same fashion, once you have ungated a brand such as Lego, you won’t have to do the ungate process for Lego again.

It’s important to note that while ungating can be a challenging process without a platform which can provide you with ungates. However, it’s a crucial step for new sellers looking to establish their business on Amazon. By providing the necessary documentation (VAT invoice) and proving that they are a legitimate and trustworthy seller, they can increase their sales potential and establish themselves as a reliable source of products for Amazon customers.

Seller Circle can provide you with ungates for any categories or brands you’re interested in selling in very quickly.

The Ungating Process

In order to ungate a brand / category like we have discussed; you will need to provide Amazon with a VAT invoice showing a purchase of a minimum of 10 units for that specific brand. Keep in mind, you do not need to purchase from a wholesaler or manufacturer, as Amazon states, you can simply purchase from anywhere that will provide you with a VAT invoice ie. you can obtain a VAT invoice directly from Lego themselves; other examples include Notino, Sports Direct, iHerb and The Entertainer.

Once you have purchased the products you are using to ungate the brand / category in question, you’ll need to obtain a VAT invoice from the supplier, sometimes suppliers will automatically provide this via email or your website account, other times you will need to email / call and request it. From here, you’ll want to add the product’s ASIN to your inventory at which point Amazon will prompt you to submit an ungate application. Here, you’ll be able to submit the VAT invoice alongside images of the 10 delivered units to match the invoice.

It will usually take Amazon 24-48 hours to approve the ungate request, from here, you’ll be able to sell within that brand / category on Amazon

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